• Gaayte Hotel

    Gaayte Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    Gaayte Hotel is located at beach side, west of Bosaso city, the commercial city of Puntland state of Somalia. The hotel is modern and synonymous with and high quality service. The location of the hotel is fabulous with the breath of fresh air coming ...

  • Huruuse Hotel

    Huruuse Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    A luxury Hotel with very comfortable rooms and service with on-site restaurant and cafeteria. Located on the main road to the airport with walking distance to Bosaso's main market.

  • Red Sea Hotel

    Red Sea Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    The hotel locates in the central part of Bosaso everything you need from the city is within walking distance.

  • Jubba Hotel

    Jubba Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    Juba Hotel is located in the centre of Bosaso city, all major city locations are in working distance. Provides luxury rooms with onsite restaurant serving all day with local and international cousins of your choice.

  • Senior Manager

    Senior Manager

    Management Bosaso (Bari)  7 months 1 week ago

    ABOUT THE ROLE: The Senior Manager - Operations is responsible in defining strategies and plans to improve productivity and working environment of terminal/port vessel operations and manage complete vessel operations thereby increasing the efficiency...

  • Shift Manager

    Shift Manager

    Management Bosaso (Bari)  7 months 1 week ago

    ABOUT THE ROLE: The Shift Manager – General Cargo & Container Terminal is responsible in planning, managing and supervising container terminal operations during a shift to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the terminal, considering com...

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Financial Services Bosaso (Bari)  7 months 1 week ago

    The CFO is responsible for the smooth running of the finance function and providing the finance and accounting support and expertise to the entity General Manager in the areas of business operations, strategy and expansion. You will be leading the fi...