• New Rays Hotel

    New Rays Hotel

    Hotel Garowe (Nugaal)  1 week 1 day ago

    Best hotel in garowe, fast internet, clean, delicious food and prime location

  • Kulmiye Hotel

    Kulmiye Hotel

    Hotel Burtinle (Nugaal)  1 week 2 days ago

    The modern hotel of KULMIYE HOTEL is a luxurious hotel with: Gym Laundry High Speed Internet 10 dollars per night



    Hotel Hargeisa (Waqooyi Galbeed)  1 week 3 days ago

    Adam sInn, which is just a few minutes from the airport is one place where you can be sure you will be at peace while in Somaliland. Adams Inn has clean environment ,friendly staff, reasonable price, professional management and good breakfast. Nice p...

  • Star Hotel

    Star Hotel

    Hotel Hargeisa (Waqooyi Galbeed)  1 week 3 days ago

    Located just 1 km from the Egal Hargeisa Airport, Star Hotel brings to you a wide variety of exceptional hotel services. The hotel’s services range from conferencing, accommodation for up to 70 stylishly furnished rooms. The hotel is home to three in...

  • Gaayte Hotel

    Gaayte Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    Gaayte Hotel is located at beach side, west of Bosaso city, the commercial city of Puntland state of Somalia. The hotel is modern and synonymous with and high quality service. The location of the hotel is fabulous with the breath of fresh air coming ...

  • Huruuse Hotel

    Huruuse Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    A luxury Hotel with very comfortable rooms and service with on-site restaurant and cafeteria. Located on the main road to the airport with walking distance to Bosaso's main market.

  • Red Sea Hotel

    Red Sea Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    The hotel locates in the central part of Bosaso everything you need from the city is within walking distance.

  • Jubba Hotel

    Jubba Hotel

    Hotel Bosaso (Bari)  1 week 3 days ago

    Juba Hotel is located in the centre of Bosaso city, all major city locations are in working distance. Provides luxury rooms with onsite restaurant serving all day with local and international cousins of your choice.

  • Bixin Hotel

    Bixin Hotel

    Hotel Garowe (Nugaal)  1 week 3 days ago


  • Al Baik

    Al Baik

    Restaurants Hargeisa (Waqooyi Galbeed)  7 months 3 weeks ago

    ALBAIK is proud to announce the opening of it newest restaurant in Hargeisa, Somalia which is providing mouth watering selection of chicken, burgers, wing, ribs and much more.

  • Sky Restaurant

    Sky Restaurant

    Restaurants Hargeisa (Waqooyi Galbeed)  7 months 3 weeks ago

    SKY RESTAURANT offers a range of quality food for guests and events, located on the south side of Ambassador hotel

  • Mansoor Hotel

    Mansoor Hotel

    Hotel Hargeisa (Waqooyi Galbeed)  7 months 3 weeks ago

    Why has Maansoor become the first ever choice for many? For sure, any first timer coming to Somaliland will undoubtedly spend his/her leisure time in the welcoming atmosphere of our magnificent HOTEL. This is so because of the extensive and varied ho...

  • Maamuus Hotel

    Maamuus Hotel

    Hotel Hargeisa (Waqooyi Galbeed)  7 months 3 weeks ago

    Conveniently located next by Hargeisa Traffic Police Headquarters in New Hargeisa, it is 20 minutes from the Egal International airport and 5 minutes away from Hargeisa center. It is nearby the Hargeisa Zoo. WHATS ON OFFER We strive to provide you wi...

  • Tayo Software Developers

    Tayo Software Developers

    Computer Mogadishu (Banaadir)  8 months 3 weeks ago $400.00

    website: email: email:t

  • Horn of Africa University

    Horn of Africa University

    Education Mogadishu (Banaadir)  8 months 3 weeks ago $60.00

    Horn of Africa University en route to a quality education. Opposite course Hospital

  • Studio Wadani

    Studio Wadani

    Event Services Mogadishu (Banaadir)  8 months 3 weeks ago $95.00

    The National Studio recording events is available whenever and wherever range of reactions Somalia southern neighborhood Dream Template and videos or you will get less than 3 days

  • Cudarka


    Computer Mogadishu (Banaadir)  8 months 3 weeks ago

    Graphics boards, stickers, ID card keypad, business card etc. Contact me now